14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

Melted cheese everywhere! These healthy nacho recipes are fantastic for the family and a perfect Super Bowl party pleaser. See more to crunch on…

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

1. Loaded Pizza Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

By the way, these Loaded Pizza Nachos with Creamy Garlic White Sauce are 100% Football Sunday approved, even by our resident mushroom-haters. Make these for Sunday snacking and you’ll be treated like royalty by the rest of the crew. You know, as long as you share.

From: Host the Toast

2. The Ultimate Texas Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

We’re serving up a crazy-awesome snack food here today in a form of nachos you may have never tried – Texas Nachos. I remember the first time I ever tried them. It was unexpected, actually. We were sitting down at a local restaurant (NOT in Texas) and we both had a hankering for a quick nacho appetizer.

When the plate arrived, we were a bit surprised at the offering. We both expected your typical bowl of nachos – unruly chips precariously balanced among dripping cheese and assorted diced peppers and tomatoes – but nope.

This restaurant was serving up nachos Texas style, and you know what? They ROCK!

From: Chili Pepper Madness

3. Philly Cheesesteak Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

This recipe is proof that everything is better in nacho form. Even if you’re someone who likes their steak well-done, don’t cook it for too long on the stovetop! You just want a good sear on all sides. It’ll continue to cook in the oven while the cheese gets nice and melty.

From: Delish

4. Pulled Pork Nachos

Pulled Pork Nachos - the best appetizer for football season. FamilyFreshMeals.com

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, I thought it might be a good time for another great party dish. These Pulled Pork Nachos are festive, tasty, AND really easy to make. In fact, if you start with premade pulled pork, you can have this ready in under 10 minutes.

From: Family Fresh Meals

5. Beef Taco Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

From: Certified Angus Beef

6. Mexican Street Corn Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

Mexican Street Corn Nachos! Chips loaded up with all the flavors of a classic mexican street corn and smothered with a creamy, spicy queso blanco.

From: House of Yumm

7. Sheet Pan Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

Loaded nachos that are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser! Simply layer your toppings, bake onto a sheet pan and serve. Done. Easy peasy!

From: Damn Delicious

8. Irish Pub Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

The Irish love their sports and their holidays, and if it’s one thing they know- it’s how to celebrate with good food. You’re going to want these quick and easy, totally delectable Irish Pub Nachos at your next party.

From: 4 Sons ‘R’ Us

9. Irish Breakfast Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

I love when Super Bowl comes around because everyone posts their most delicious fried potato-y cheesy recipes that I love very much. This recipe isn’t really intended for Super Bowl, but what times does Super Bowl start? I feel like the answer is fairly early, certainly early enough to make these for brunch. I don’t watch the Super Bowl, but I will be thinking about all the wonderful food everyone will be eating. This Irish Breakfast Nacho recipe is so yummy, and the cheese sauce is amazing. It’s fairly easy to make, which makes this an ideal Sunday brunch food. I hope you guys love it like I do!

From: Spoon Fork Bacon

10. Chicken Fajita Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

They make fantastic game day food, could work as a hearty lunch or as a simple dinner as well. Lots of possibilities with this one, gang. They come together in about 30 minutes, making them quick and easy. A few of my kids claim that the hate chicken fajitas…however, they really love these nachos. Not sure if it’s the crispy texture of the tortilla chips that house the saucy peppers and onions…or the generous amount of melted cheese on the top (could be either, right!) but they were a hit with my kids.

From: Jamie Cooks It Up

11. Spicy Ground Beef Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

Beef nachos have the potential to become Hollywood’s next superhero:  they’re handsome (at least right out of the oven), they know the difference between right and wrong (cheese must be melted but not burned), and they have a superhuman ability to save your day when it’s on the verge of apocalyptic destruction (nachos for dinner?!).

From: Mexican Please

12. Classic Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

These five-ingredient nachos are a cinch to make for a large crowd. Bake a batch for your next party and serve with an array of topping options, like cilantro, jalapeno peppers, sour cream and salsa.

From: Better, Homes & Gardens

13. Buffalo Chicken Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

Crunchy tortilla chips are loaded with tender chicken, drenched in a spicy buffalo ranch sauce and smothered in cheese for the ultimate game day snack. These Buffalo Chicken Nachos are easy to whip up and are sure to please your hungry crowd!

From: Yellow Bliss Road

14. BBQ Chicken Skillet Nachos

14 Healthy Nacho Recipes With A Crunch

These BBQ chicken skillet nachos are fast, easy, and delicious! The perfect game-day comfort food appetizer. Ready in only 25 minutes!

From: Salt & Lavendar